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i am forcing myself to write a blog post because tomorrow at 7 i'm leaving to madrid and i told myself i would make at least one post during the easter break but i have decided that after i get back from spain i should spend the rest of the holidays doing actual proper productive school n coursework n gcse things which will realistically not happen either (but i can blame it on jesus returning from the grave n chocolate eggs n stuff).

nothing interesting rly happens in oxford. the only things i have achieved here over the last few weeks is making some new social media connections and avoiding school and eating lots of muesli and crying about stupid stuff.
i am always annoyed at my self for not doing as much stuff as i want 2 even tho it's my fault and i feel like such a waste lol.

anyways~~the day before yesterday i went off 2 london 2 go back 2  ahida's house and shoot isobel for a fashion magazine and sum blogs and brands (we were sent stuff from some rly great people like lazy oaf/ somewhere nowhere/ juju footwear/ quay eyewear etc !!). i got my film developed as soon as i got back and got the photos yesterday and i'm really proud and i love them but i can't show people until they are published in like september in te magazine, by which point i will probably hate them hmm.
((also from developing the pictures and going to london and eating lots of bagels and mcflurries i now have under £5 including my bank money which isn't good also i dont have a job.))
acc u can have these 2 cus i already posted them on my tumblr.

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